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Silk Scarf Cotton Dots Red


The deep red on this silk scarf with cotton dots was created by simmering the scarf for hours in cochineal dye.    Very soft, comfortable, washable, and colorfast.

Dimensions:  66″  Long, 18″ Wide


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Dyed in a very strong cochineal vat for hours, this silk scarf with cotton dots is soft and comfortable to wear.

The scarf was created on the hand loom.   Balls of cotton are woven into the fine silk organza warp and weft.  The result is an ethereal silk scarf accented by soft cotton dots.

The fibers in cotton and silk take the dyes in a different manner.  The silk reflects light as a soft glow, the cotton in a matte tone.

After dyeing the shawl was neutralized in a vinegar bath and washed three times.  Very easy care, can be machine washed on delicate cycle.  Colorfast.  Hang to dry, and iron if desired.

Lightweight, travel friendly, and great for the autumn, winter and holidays.

Dimensions:  66″  Long, 18″ Wide

100% Organza Silk with woven cotton balls



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Silk Scarf Cotton Dots
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