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Lavender Pink Tussah Silk Wrap


This handwoven tussah silk wrap has a linear design inlaid into the fabric.  Dyed with logwood and cochineal natural dyes to create lavender pink

Dimensions:  76″  Long, 24″ Wide


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Handwoven by fair trade weavers near the East Coast of India, this lavender pink silk wrap has a random linear design. Tussah Silk yarn is inlaid into the weft on the loom, creating a raised line on the fabric.  I dyed the shawl with logwood natural dye, the tree grows in Mexico and cochineal, a bug that grows on the prickly pear cactus.  Tussah silk is created by the silk worm that feeds on wild mulberry leaves.  The leaves have a higher content of tannin, resulting in a honey colored silk.

After dyeing the shawl was neutralized in a vinegar bath and washed three times.  Very easy to care, can be machine washed on delicate cycle. Colorfast.  Hang to dry, and iron if desired.

Lightweight, travel friendly, and great for proms and all seasons.

Dimensions:  76″  Long, 24″ Wide

100% Tussah Silk



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Lavender Silk Wrap
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