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Lavender Blue Shibori Silk Wool Wrap


This 50% silk 50% merino wool wrap will keep you warm on a chilly evening. Woven by fair trade artisans, I dyed the fabric with a mix of Logwood natural dye and soda ash.  The wrap was clamped with metal objects and dipped indigo to create the patterns.

Dimensions:  60″ Long without the Fringe, 23″ Wide

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Lavender blue patterns define this 50% silk 50% merino wool wrap. Woven by fair trade artisans near the east coast of India,  I have been working with them for a year.   I design the fabric and they weave it with un-dyed natural fibers for me.   It is like a blank canvas when it arrives, yet it carries the personality of each weaver.  That is what I love about hand woven fabrics–you feel the connection with the person who made it.

I dyed the fabric with a mix of Logwood natural dye and soda ash to lay down the lavender color.  The soda ash shifts to pH of the bath to alkaline and brings out a blue undertone.  After washing, I folded and clamped the wrap with metal objects before it entered the indigo pot.  The metal acts as a resist to the dye, creating patterns.  The method is called “Itajime.”

Care: Wash it in a gentle cycle or hand wash in cool water.  Hang to dry.  If you want to iron it for a smoother look, use a silk setting.

Dimensions:  60″ Long without the Fringe, 23″ Wide



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Lavender Blue Shibori silk wool wrap
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