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Hand Dyed Silk Organza Scarf Ballet Pink Triple Layer


The delicate pink color is created with logwood and cochineal natural dyes.  Three layers of silk organza are woven together on a loom to create this sheer scarf. The result is a silk tube which can be pulled apart and fashioned in different ways.

Dimensions:  68:” Long, 24″ Wide

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Ballet pink, or ice pink, the color of ballet tights, is the delicate hue on this organza silk scarf woven in three layers.  Logwood and cochineal are the natural dyes used to create this soft color.

The triple layer silk scarf was woven in a fair trade village near the east coast of  India. The loom has two warps, and a third layer is inserted during the leaving process, creating horizontal lines of silk in between two layers of organza.   All the layers of the scarf are woven at once, resulting in a closed tube which can be pulled apart and fashioned in many ways.   It allows you to create your style with a two dimensional and three dimensional form.

After dyeing, the scarf has been neutralized in vinegar after dyeing, washed and pressed. You can hand wash and iron it.  It is colorfast.

It is scarf for all seasons, and the third layer adds texture.  It is long enough to create a cowl by tying the two ends together and wrapping it around your neck twice.

Dimensions:  68″ Long, 24″ Wide


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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 3 in


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