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Out of the blue I received an email from a writer at Victoria Magazine about a month ago. Cynthia Constantino had found my profile on TAFA List (Textile and Fiber Arts), an online community of artists who work with fabrics and fibers. She wanted to do a story on my work for the Entrepreneur blog, so I did the interview, and today, November 17th, her article was published. This is …

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Unplugged Ceremony Turn off your cell phones To me, great card design is about drawing lines that welcome you to participate in the moment.  I have found a graphic artist who creates downloadable cards that have revolutionized my life. Oak Atkinson is a talented commercial graphic artist.  For years she has designed greeting card templates and sold them on her website,  Recently Oak launched a specialty shop on Etsy that features wedding invitations, cards for bridesmaids and groomsmen, …

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Tiny plants establish themselves in glacial debris Akaroa New Zealand Ancient Lava Flow My mind’s eye floats away when I remember the primordial features of New Zealand’s land.  Life is still evolving on the two islands.  They sit on top of active volcanoes and two tectonic plates that are crashing into each other.  Mountains still grow higher, earthquakes reshape cities, lava covers and rebuilds the coastline.  The glaciers recede and …

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