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The rhythmic rocking of needles, the back and forth on circulars went right to my heart.  Grieving for my mom who passed away in December 2011, all I could do was knit circles in 2012.  One after another, not thinking about what I was doing while knitting.  Emptying my mind, the movement became part of my body and created a needed structure and new neuro pathways so that I could …

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1950’s Kramer Leaf Brooch      About five years ago I found a pin in a junk shop.  It was very well made and sculptural.  My research led me to discover a world in which I grew up, the 1950′s and 60′s, post war boom of American Costume Jewelry.   Providence , Rhode Island was the center of manufacturing of this beautiful art form.  During WW II,  the costume jewelry factories were outfitted for …

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Where do I get my ideas? The answer is everywhere and anywhere, but there are a few publications that I would like to share with you. Graphically illustrated with saturated color and future insights, these magazines have an impact on my thought and design process. Textile View Magazine is a recap of the future fashion trends from many of the top international think tanks. They review the current fabric …

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